just purchased a big Moths of The World laminated poster for my new roooom eeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp (:

oh yeah and i have to get up in 5 hrs for my first day of college ha haha


ferguson rly teaches a lesson in the lengths police will go to protect each other and white supremacy. they’d rather do all this than arrest one man. 

because he is a cop, and he’s white.

they ‘have each other’s backs’ so doggedly and determinedly that they would sacrifice a town of black people for one white cop

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here is a demo of a song that will be on my new album (recorded by and with taylor)

i shot an angel with my father’s rifle
i should have set it free but i let it bleed
made it into taxidermy, hung it on my wall
i shot an angel, kept it in my backyard
hung it out to dry on the clothing line
pinned above my bed
like the cross of jesus christ
on the wall

and i know one day hell will catch up with me
and i’m sure that i will burn eternally
one day it will come to claim its pound of flesh
when it’s done there won’t be anything left

i shot an angel, dragged it to my basement
starved it til it died and i did not cry
sickness of poacher’s pride

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i will never stop incorporating dance attire and lingerie into my everyday-wear  

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